Power plant Štětí

Preparation for the Štětí hydro power plant project started in 2001. In the years following, it was necessary to get all the needed permits to buy the land and choose the company that would build the power plant. Consorcium Metrostav and Zakládání staveb were finally chosen as the main contractors. The actual building process started in March 2012.

The following were cooperating companies and subcontractors: Voith Hydro Austria, Siemens, Ingos, Elpak, P&S, RP Technik, Elektroprojekty Miroslav Kvintus Lovosice and Argo Automatizace. In 2012 the Department of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic granted the project with 250 million CZK, which covered 26% of the investment. The total costs of the power plant were 964 million CZK (plus WAT).

The main contractor took responsibility for the financing during the process of construction. Once the power plant was finished, it was refinanced with a loan from Komerční Banka. The whole procedure was organized and supervised by KPMG Czech Republic. The E.ON Energie is buying all the electricity produced by the power plant.

The small Štětí hydro power plant has been in operation since the autumn of 2014. This special, enviromentaly friendly project makes energy from renewable sources and takes special care of water animals. Part of it is a special fish ladder (a structure that facilitates natural migration of water animals) and a device that prevents fish from floating into dangerous area with turbines.

The power plant is equipped with two direct-current Kaplan turbines with a PIT design that has an impeller diameter of 5.10 meters. The maximum output of each is 3.23 MW. The maximum operating capacity of the hydroplant is 5.4 MW. The annual electricity production according to the energy audit should reach an average of around 31.5 GWh.


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