Czech Solar Prize Award 

On November 23rd, Energeia was awarded the Czech Solar Prize for 2015, for building a water power plant on the river Labe and using the finances it produces for humanitarian purposes. The prize is awarded annualy by Eurosolar. The ceremony took place at Waldstein Palace in Prague, the site of the Czech Senate. Present at the ceremony were senators Jitka Seitlová and Miloš Vystrčil. 

Energeia was represented by its director Marek Černocký, who mentioned the main purpose of this 15 year effort: "The water power plant can finance its own charitable and educational projects thanks to donors, so called beneinverstors, who co-finance it. The synergic connection of the donors, the renewable source of energy and charity have created a completely new model for the functioning of a non-profit organization". 

The prestigeous prize was awarded by the President of Eurosolar Czech Republic, Milan Smrž, who said: "Due to the country-specific policies and the prevailing reliance on conventional power generation in Poland and the Czech Republic, these nominees play an exemplary role in their countries“. 

The President of Eurosolar, Prof. Peter Droege, mentioned an encouraging trend in Europe, where the transition to pure energy is being put into practice "from below". That could especially be seen in 2015. He continued: "European legislation can only stimulate this development further by strategic political actions such as setting incentives on a local and regional level“. 

In 2015, Eurosolar honored twelve nominees from seven different countries in eight categories. The winners were communities from Denmark, Germany, Swicerland, Italy, Austria and Sweden. In the Czech Republic, Kněžice u Třebíče was awarded in the category of an energy self-suficient community. 

Eurosolar is the European Association for Renewable Energy, founded in 1988. It works independently of political parties, institutions, commercial enterprises and interest groups and is dedicated to the cause of completly substituting traditional sources of energy by renewable ones.

The European Solar Prize was initiated by the winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize and founder of EUROSOLAR Dr. Hermann Scheer. The prize honors municipalities, enterprises, associations, journalists and individuals for their dedication to the transformation of the energy system towards sustainability.