Who is a beneinvestor 

The basic concept of a beneinvestor was developed by Energeia in 2005. The organization was in search for people who would understand and accept the idea of multiplying donations given for charity. It represented a completly new way of thinking.

A beneinvestor is someone who invests money, but does not expect to be paid back or make a profit for himself. The investment and the profit annually go to charity in segments. It means the beneinvestor has to share the same vision about donations with the organization.

In the case of Energeia, the water power plant is the vehicle used for multiplying the donations. Since the initial investment was very high, the basic principle for the use of the beneinvestors' money was accepted. No less than one tenth of it (plus the profit it makes) annually goes to charitable projects of Energeia. It means that in ten years, all the finances not only serve charity but also indefinitely multiply themselves. 

The important aspect is the balance between the amount of money used for charity and the amount of money accumulated in the power plant so that the resources can continually be renewed. The reason for it is the fact that the construction of the power plant was not possible without a loan from the bank, which has to be paid back. 

During the years of the power plant construction, Energeia received 71 million Czech crowns from beneinvestors. That is about 10% of the investment. The money annually produces almost 8 million Czech crowns for charitable and educational projects. 

The power plant is now fully functional. Energeia still accepts donations from beneinvestors with the same principle. If you want to give – and if you want contributed money to multiply itself – the door is open.